Summer 2020 at the Arthur School of Art

The Arthur School of Art is a home based art studio that is not frequented by the public, and maintains limited enrolment in all classes.  In consultation with Public Health Ontario and Stop the Spread, it has been determined that art classes may resume at the Arthur School of Art for July and August, 2020. Enrolment will be limited to 4 students/session, and this is in addition to my two children who will be participating.


As the studio is located at my home and there are limited numbers of children participating, the classes fall under the category of daycare, rather than art camps. Art School Day Care will operate for 6-12 year olds from Monday-Thursday 12:30pm-4:30pm. Each week will incorporate a new theme of art making that will include curriculum based learning in english, math, social studies, geography and history. Students will be asked to have lunch before arriving and to bring a snack for the afternoon. We will follow all safety protocols of disinfection and social distancing before, during and after the daycare. Students will be provided individual art supplies, towels and storage baskets to limit sharing. Snack will be enjoyed while social distancing outside and will be accompanied by free play.

Methods to ensure safety:

-Limit eating.

-Reduced hours (half days) with 3 days between sessions for cleaning and disinfecting all facilities and materials.

-Individual art making supplies (markers, scissors, glue, pencils, erasers etc.), including storage baskets and hand towels.

-Sanitizing stations with hand sanitizer.

-Limited physical contact indoors, art making will take place at the large table with space between students.

-Ample space outside for play and art making

-Studio is not open to the public

-If there is any reported illness, classes will be cancelled until they may be safely resumed and all participants will be notified. In the event of a cancellation of class(es), refunds will be given for missed sessions.

The Arthur School of Art offers small size art classes for all ages in a quiet, rural setting. This is something I hope to continue to offer as long as it is safe to do so. It is my hope to provide art, learning and summer fun to children in the safest way possible, that takes into consideration all of the needs and precautions that have become a part of daily life.

I hope to resume regular weekly art classes for teens, adults and children in the fall. Please contact me if you have any questions, or suggestions for classes you would like to see!

Classes and Workshops 

These classes focus on learning techniques, trying different materials, Art History, crafting, building, designing and inventing. We also look at the work of contemporary artists and connect art making to other areas of study!

These classes and workshops help students to develop their portrolio by building on techniques while allowing students to develop their own style and ideas. The work of contemporary and historical artists will provide lots of inspiration!

These classes are suitable for beginner to advanced artists, working in any media. Artists will build a solid knowledge base and develop technical skills while receiving feedback. We will also explore a variety of techniques, styles and artists! 

Art Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday at the Arthur School of Art! The studio can accommodate groups of up to 7 party guests (including the birthday boy or girl) ages 4-13 and 2 adults for supervision. Parties may be 2-3 hours with 1-2 hours for an art project and 1 hour for food, cake and gifts. Projects may be designed around a specific theme, character or animal and can include painting, drawing or sculpture. All art making materials are provided as well as aprons. The studio will be decorated for the party and all cutlery, plates, napkins, cups etc are provided. The studio supports reusing and reducing waste, so please leave any used gift wrap behind to be converted into future artworks!


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